Monthly Archives: August 2011

Making the Most of a Monday

When work ends, the day just begins. I think that should be a mantra of mine, because in the four hours since I’ve left the office I feel like an entire days worth of events have unfolded. My first thought upon getting to my apartment was, “Well, now what the eff do I do?” One […]

Alone, at last/still

It’s been 82 days since I’ve had any real semblance of true moments alone. By alone, I don’t mean psuedo-roommates left for a weekend, friend went to the market, slept in a room separate from another person, or walked home alone from the office. No, those are moments of solitude when you can find ephemeral […]

Oh, How the Days Fly By

This past week flew by incredibly fast. Daily routines of waking up at 8, going to work from 9-5 or 6 and then relaxing in the evenings brings with it a certain rhythm for life. It might have to do with me being put onto a project at work or that the newness of being in San […]

Let There Be Japchae

I’m pretty awesome. Yeah, I just said it. Why? Why? What in the world could I have possibly done that would have me claim such a bold exclamation? Wait for it… After biking to the Korean market early and then to the farmer’s market to pick up fresh veggies early this afternoon, I spent the […]

지리산 여행 (Jirisan Trip)

Jirisan; the first of my last minute trips to see Korea before leaving this chapter of my life behind. Sejin-noona from BLU offered to take me along on a visit to her friend’s house near the Jiri Mountains in the southern part of Korea. Up until then I had almost exclusively been in Seoul with […]

Noona Wa Shong, Noona Wa Shong!

When in Korea, Jean-noona was the best sister, ever, and definitely helped make my experience there a happy and memorable one. Riding bikes, talking (and listening to me, a lot), consuming tons of food, hanging out at the studio, and walking around Hongdae are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing […]

Keeping it Blu

The other day I came across a place called Blu Cleaners. The name is pretty non-descript, but I couldn’t help myself from stopping to take a photo since it reminded me so much of where I used to live in Seoul; Blu Guest House. From the actual blue color and the spelling to the use […]

A Day in SF

All of a sudden I’ve found myself with this totally straightforward 9–5 lifestyle. It isn’t so bad, but what makes it actually fun is the group of guys that I work with. We’re all nerds with a strange sense of humor. I’ve actually become a bit crude and “dudeish” in my commentary over the past […]

Caffeinate Me, Please

A few years ago I was drinking soy caramel macchiatos from Starbucks and wouldn’t even come near a cup of proper Joe. Flash forward to today: I drink 32 0z. of the good stuff—black—at minimum per day. My drug of choice is the almighty Americano. When and where did this all get serious? Last time […]

This is San Francisco

I’m back. Back in San Francisco, that is. Almost exactly two years ago I left this city with a plan. That plan didn’t make it very far, but ironically it is in pursuit of finishing the MFA in Sweden that I left California for that has brought me back. This time, instead of working in […]