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An Open Letter to Everyone

Hi, I’m Jungho. Though you may have known me for just a few months, a couple years, or even a quarter-century plus by another name, I’d like to explain a bit about why I’ve made this change. In 2006 I embarked on what I thought was a 5-month trip to study abroad in Japan… as […]

On Awareness

I saw this movie tonight (I won’t say which one to avoid any spoilers) about life and death, but mostly life as a result of the knowledge of impending death. Heavy shit, right? Actually, it was light hearted enough to make you laugh at the heaviness of death, yet heavy enough to make you feel […]

If We Loved Like We Work

She was 16 and he in his mid 30s, maybe a little bit weird but it worked—they were together until he passed away, leaving her without the partner that she had experienced her entire life with. It was an arranged marriage, but the kind of togetherness they had is unlike what many are able to […]