christmas is a funny time of year, and christmas day can be quite an emotionally charged one.

it is a day that can leave you with both an overwhelming sense of fullness in your life and at the same time, a feeling of great emptiness. perhaps it is the nature of the beast – this time of year we take the initiative to think about loved ones; family, friends, a significant other or special someone. with those thoughts come numerous memories, and things aren’t ever the same from one year to the next.

this difference – the life delta – brings with it joy and grief, excitement and stress, hope and regret. it highlights the dual nature of all existence and shows us that though there have been here’s and there’s in life, in the end there is just being – and being is never the same, except for being the same.

so where does that leave one?

conflicted. confused. content? certainly there are many ‘c’ words that i could come up with, but finding the answer isn’t all that important. the point is that christmas is a funny time of year, where people reconnect their present and their past by partaking in their own funny traditions or making new ones. and after it is all said and done, they come out the other end feeling… a little bit funny. not really a big surprise, right?

so, to a funny holiday that i never really knew what to do with, here’s to seeing you again next year for another funny time.