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units of reflection

today is new year’s eve and it’s a rather obvious opportunity to look backwards at the previous year and see what happened; what went well, what went not so well, where we went, who we met, etc., etc., etc. but, how is it possible to reflect on the entirety of what happened in a year, […]


christmas is a funny time of year, and christmas day can be quite an emotionally charged one. it is a day that can leave you with both an overwhelming sense of fullness in your life and at the same time, a feeling of great emptiness. perhaps it is the nature of the beast – this […]

what it… is?

when entering into the mindset of “what it is”, what exactly is it that you are doing when you let it be what it is? granting permission for something to exist and at the same time, by acknowledging its presence, moving beyond? foregoing a more complex definition because trying to define some things only makes […]

Snow Day

The last time I was in Sweden over the dark months there was an abundance of snow and temperatures that made it the coldest winter in over 50 years. Occasionally mixing with rain it left the city of Gothenburg covered in a nasty blanket of icy sludge, and my feet freezing in a pair of […]

An Open Letter to Everyone

Hi, I’m Jungho. Though you may have known me for just a few months, a couple years, or even a quarter-century plus by another name, I’d like to explain a bit about why I’ve made this change. In 2006 I embarked on what I thought was a 5-month trip to study abroad in Japan… as […]


After a journey that spanned 44.5 hours, three continents, 4.5 flights, one mid-air medical emergency over the Pacific, a damaged bike bag, half-day excursion into Amsterdam, 50+ knot winds, aborted landing and diversion to Malmö with 1.5 hour wait on the tarmac, and a delayed bag… I’ve finally arrived in Gothenburg, again. It’s time to finish […]

Back to the Studio

Last time I was in Seoul, the group of friends I made at Studio Floating became the center of my social world. I don’t think I could ever get back the amazing time I spent there or with those people, so it’s a bit awkward now that I’ve setup shop back in the same studio […]

Getting Out

In a city full of 10+ million people it’s all to easy for me to muster the motivation to venture out on my own. But on occasion, it’s a nice breath of (not so) fresh air to step outside of my ‘hood in Hongdae. November. Fall. Ginko leaves. Shoes. Reminds me of my friend Satu. […]

Labor of Love

Korea is like a second home… or maybe that’s a first home, actually. To me. Having a lull in my whirlwind life between San Francisco and Gothenburg, I’ve made it part of my duty to return to the city I only this past year fell in love with. To be honest, if it were just […]

The Exotic Side of Things

Where you seek adventure, you will find it. If perhaps you wanted to turn an indulgent ritual into an epic tale, then you need do no more than put your mind to it. It’s no secret that I’m a great consumer (but not connoisseur) of ice cream and I’m glad that my friend, Ming, is […]