what it… is?

when entering into the mindset of “what it is”, what exactly is it that you are doing when you let it be what it is?

granting permission for something to exist and at the same time, by acknowledging its presence, moving beyond? foregoing a more complex definition because trying to define some things only makes them more complex and/or abstract? not putting up resistance to the present and living in reality?

my original introduction to this odd phrase by my friend jonnie [http://destroytoday.com/] left me bewildered in regards of when and how exactly to use it. the off-canter timing he seemed to use fell beyond my comprehension and a hilarious and somewhat embarrassing couple of weeks passed before i was able to drop the “what it is” card at the appropriate time.

dog shit on brannan?
“what it is!”

discarded boxers with shit on them on brannan?
“what it is.”

(and yes, that’s been seen before.)

but what is more interesting to me these days is how the concept of “what it is” channels some parts of the tao te ching, especially the idea of accepting the ebb and flow of life and of letting being be born from non-being.

it’s a funny comparison to make and maybe even quite a lengthy stretch, yet it is also a worthy notion to contemplate. the more we adopt the “what it is” approach to life, the more likely we are to remain in the moment, and who wouldn’t like that?