This is San Francisco

I’m back. Back in San Francisco, that is.

Almost exactly two years ago I left this city with a plan. That plan didn’t make it very far, but ironically it is in pursuit of finishing the MFA in Sweden that I left California for that has brought me back.

This time, instead of working in a small studio as I’ve done for most of my post-MICA days, I’m doing an internship at Adobe. Yes, the one that does the PDF thingy.

I’m working as a UX Designer with a small group of talented folks while seeing the innards of a a really large company. The office is great, and one of the best things is that I’m finally getting the opportunity to work again with my friend Jonnie.

Not only are we working together, but he and his fiancé, Jen, are letting me crash on their couch while I wait for my apartment to become available. As such, we hang out all the time and this past weekend was a great opportunity for us to go hang out in some of the parks.

Coffee, hanging out in Hayes Valley and then walking up to Alamo Square made for a nice time. If nothing else, San Francisco has great coffee, great food, and great views. Oh yeah, and sometimes when the fog stays away, it also has great weather.

Coffee at Ritual in Hayes Valley.

Sitting in the park, drinking coffee and watching people enjoy the sunny afternoon.

I was going to take a photo of the type painted on the wall in the background, but this guy made a loud comment wondering if I was photographing him. Here’s to you, Mister with the poofy black hair.

Carpe Diem, right?

From the top of Alamo Square, a view overlooking downtown San Francisco.