Monthly Archives: June 2011

Soaking it All In

In my opinion, a summer afternoon can never be spent wrongly down on the piers next to Röda Sten, gazing out to the ocean where cranes from China sit like AT-ATs on the horizon and then back towards the city with the Älvsborg Bridge hanging just above. Taking time to take in the world is […]

Midsommar 2011

When in the cold, dark, never ending and never changing days of winter, midsommar is always just a dream away. The reality, at least the one that foreigners often face is not relaxation and celebration with family but wondering, “Where the fuck did all the Swedes go?” The correct answer should fit into one of […]

The Three Musketeers

I’ve been feeling a bit pensive over the past few days, thinking about life, contemplating the future and reflecting on some of my experiences. Stuff that is a lot more heavy than what I want to be on my mind all the time! What has somehow been neglected all too much thus far in this […]

Weary Traveler, Seeking Something

Being constantly on the move is both exhilarating and exhausting. When 2011 passes and the tail end of 2012 rolls around I will most likely have averaged 2 changes of country/continent over the previous three years. That’s on top of the current statistics of 5 years, 4 countries, and 3 continents since 2006. Granted, I’ve […]

The Vastness of Things

Time is easy to measure but hard to keep track of and rarely do we take the opportunity to become aware of its passing. Put simply, we are too absorbed in our lives to become cognizant of even our own existence; time needs to be accompanied by perspective for us to observe it with any […]

Coming, Going, Leaving?

One thing I have learned over the past 5 years is that Good Byes are rarely the epic moment of no return that we often make them out to be. Why is this on my mind? As my friends who have just graduated prepare to leave, some going away for travel or visiting family, and […]

1,914km of Memories

In a tiny silver rental car a small crew of friends blazed across the landscape of Sweden’s neighbor to the north, Norway. Jaws dropped hour after hour as an unstoppable wave of immaculate landscapes became the majestic backdrop to five days and 1,914km of memories. Sprawling green fields, fjords whose unfathomable expanses swallowed all senses, […]

Hej Familiar Stranger

Just a few days into my trip to Göteborg and I’m already seeing so many of my friends and recalling so many memories that this city has given me. In fact, this doesn’t feel like a trip—more like arrival back in my hometown. I’m enjoying sunny days that don’t end until the light disappears after […]