Monthly Archives: July 2011

Return to Nordicland

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. The little more than a week that I spent in Berlin felt like eternity filled with cheap food, cheap drinks, wonderful coffee, too many nice shops, lots of fun people and a somewhat familiar city, not unlike a much larger, more European version of San Francisco. (By contrast, Göteborg is to […]

I’m Analog

Imagine you’re on vacation in another country, you’ve brought your DSLR, lenses, computer and are ready to walk about the city and shoot whatever you want to your hearts content. Then you realize that you’ve forgotten you’re spare battery. Oh, and also the charger. No worries, because with 8 days of relaxation ahead and the […]


Imagine the biggest open flat space in an urban setting that you can imagine. Now multiply that by a factor of 10. That would put you somewhere on the tarmac or in the middle of one of the airstrips at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. The airport itself has some pretty fascinating history, but what is […]

The Scream Heard Around Kreuzberg

We canvassed the streets while the sun vanished between the clouds and night fell upon Kreuzberg. Conversation wound it’s way from trivial small talk to the never ending reflection on the differences between people in Nordicland/Europe/North America/Asia. As our group of four meandered towards Landwehrkanal two girls came approached us from the front. “AIIEEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”, accompanied […]

Thank You, Dahahm

We met Dahahm the day before yesterday, a friend of Satu‘s whose apartment we are staying in for the rest of our time in Berlin. Thank you, Dahahm!  

The Streets of Berlin

I knew before arriving in Berlin that it was a city that encouraged a lot of foot shuffling about town, but these days my knees, feet, and toes are feeling abuse that is usually only dished out by the likes of New York. It’s been nice to see things while walking about rather than whizzing […]

5차 까지 (I Like Berlin)

All around the world, we can meet our friends in different places. Though people may not change much, meeting in a different environment can certainly feel odd (and nice!) at first. Yesterday, just after we arrived in Berlin, Chi came over to our apartment and we walked around our neighborhood while managing to eat at […]

Hallo Berlin

Just a stones throw away from the Nordicland is a place called Berlin, in the country of Germany—a part of Real Europe*–and totally new location for me to explore. Fresh in off the hot streets, this apartment we are staying in for the next 3 nights has so far, with accordian music from below and […]

Suomen Kesä on Kaunis

Sauna. Lake. Sauna. Lake. Sauna. Lake. Cider on repeat. The healthy regiment of relaxation followed dilligenty for each of the past 5 days spent on an island summer house in Finland, with my friend Jee Hei. Spontaneous dance party. Kdrama mini-marathon. Conversations without need for wordy prefaces, confusing annotations, and unexplainable endings. A reminder that […]