Caffeinate Me, Please

A few years ago I was drinking soy caramel macchiatos from Starbucks and wouldn’t even come near a cup of proper Joe. Flash forward to today: I drink 32 0z. of the good stuff—black—at minimum per day. My drug of choice is the almighty Americano.

When and where did this all get serious? Last time I was living in SF. Back in the day, Four Barrel were the new kids on the block and Blue Bottle and Ritual were the Queen Bees. These days, I hear Sightglass is the new hot stuff (my friend Brian did design for them), though I’ve yet to check them out.

To fuel my caffeine needs, I just picked up an Aeropress. I’ve tried espressos from this thing and they are the real deal, so the product is legit. The bonus? It’s small enough to travel and doesn’t weigh much at all. All that’s left is to track down a small coffee grinder and I’ll be forever ready to push out the daily grind.

And by the way, the cup above is from Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley (notice the tell tale blue bottle logo poking out from just next to my thumb). Highly recommended.