Soaking it All In

In my opinion, a summer afternoon can never be spent wrongly down on the piers next to Röda Sten, gazing out to the ocean where cranes from China sit like AT-ATs on the horizon and then back towards the city with the Älvsborg Bridge hanging just above. Taking time to take in the world is good, and with such a beautiful backdrop its not hard to do.

Even better is that it’s only a 7 minute bike ride from the heart of the homey and eclectic Majorna where I’m staying to the bridge—always a good destination.

After spending most of the afternoon in town between Magasinsgatan and Brunnsparken followed by lunch/ice cream in Haga, toey™ and I ended up out here by the sea, soaking in the sun and talking about life before and after living abroad.

It’s my opinion that once you leave a place or a situation, you should never go back assuming that it will be the same, because it never will be. One of the wonders of travel is that if you allow yourself the opportunity, it can have a profound affect on the way you live your life. In my case, a semester studying abroad in Osaka, Japan sent my life into a literal spiral around the globe. For better or worse, it’s where I am, and I’m happy to be that way.

I’ll be sad to watch toey™ leave Sweden, but there is a time and a place for everything and reasons why we do the things we do.