The Three Musketeers

I’ve been feeling a bit pensive over the past few days, thinking about life, contemplating the future and reflecting on some of my experiences. Stuff that is a lot more heavy than what I want to be on my mind all the time!

What has somehow been neglected all too much thus far in this collection of entries is the fact that without amazing friends I’d have very little to think about. Though we are soon parting ways, toey™, Anna, and I have become a somewhat unlikely group of friends that has gone out on a number of expeditions and spent countless hours sitting around and discussing “this’n that” at all times of the day. I’d say that we’ve done all the stuff that real friends do, from driving each other nearly insane to being great at finding excuses to cook dinner or take a fika at any hour.

Of course, it’s sad to think that we’re all moving in separate directions now, but it’s also a great reminder that nothing can bring a smile to your face like good old silliness—don’t take my word for it, see the photo above to see it for yourself!

Tack min vänner, vi ses snärt!