Oi, odota hetki…

In this space should be a story about how I felt taking off from Helsinki, landing in Amsterdam where I was questioned for over 10 minutes by security, departed for Minneapolis and sat next to a guy who didn’t get up or pee for the entire flight, and then arrived in San Francisco; a proverbial time machine to my life two years ago.

But, no. I’m not ready to describe what it’s like to be back in America because I’m still reminiscing about the past month. Previously, I have written about living life in the moment but at this hour it’s just beyond my capacity. Yes, I’m even saying “Oh my God, you’re still on about Finland?” to myself, but I just can’t help it.

Consider this: isn’t it possible that we hold onto cherished memories in the same way that we may savor our favorite dessert even after we’ve brushed our teeth and all but the very last traces of that sweetness have been masked by the overwhelming flavor of mint toothpaste? A futile attempt at prolonging the past, but a sure sign that you’ve found something worth treasuring.

So let’s be honest, not every experience we have is a profound one, but when you think something has possibly fundementally altered the way you feel about yourself, life, or the world, or perhaps has just left you a bit dumbfounded, then you owe it to yourself to stop in your tracks and slow things down. That’s what I’m doing now—taking a few moments to close my eyes, replay it all in my mind, and keep the smile on my face for just a little bit longer.

Isn’t that nice? I think so.