Floating Around

This year has been a total whirlwind, woosh woosh woosh, and has entailed a blinding number of changes to my bed place for sleeping.

I realized upon arriving to San Francisco that my friend Jonnie’s couch would be at least the seventh sleeping place (one night stays and sleeping arrangements for the Norway road trip are omitted) I’ve had since January. From my apartment in Seoul to fold out mattresses on the floor in Berlin, I’ve gotten pretty comfy falling asleep just about anywhere. Even since I’ve arrived back in California, I’ve been on two different couches.

This only goes to reinforce the fact that I’m pretty nomadic right now, a state of mind and being that I’ll ask myself to heartily embrace in various forms for at least the next 4 months 10 months. Yikes! Nonetheless, this is a testament to all the good friends and people I know and have met around the world. To any and all of you, thanks for the place to rest, I appreciate it so much.

If I come away from this wild journey with nothing else, it will be the knowledge that providing a place to rest for friends and/or weary travelers will always be worth any hassle that may be entailed. I’ve got to pay it — backwards(?) — for all the generosity that has come my way.