I’m Analog

Imagine you’re on vacation in another country, you’ve brought your DSLR, lenses, computer and are ready to walk about the city and shoot whatever you want to your hearts content. Then you realize that you’ve forgotten you’re spare battery. Oh, and also the charger.

No worries, because with 8 days of relaxation ahead and the realization that you’re going to run out of battery before you go back to wherever it is that you came from, you proclaim, “Fuck *you* Mr. Digital, I’m going Analog.” That’s because you pull your Hasselblad out of your bag and find that shooting film only is incredibly invigorating.

Aided by a Polaroid 100 back (Thanks, Daham!), a visit to The Impossible Project  here in Berlin, and the acquisition of a Gossen Sixtar light meter at a flea market this morning (10€) this Sunday afternoon–and a couple other days earlier this week–were filled with analog bliss.

Photos to come after the film is scanned! I, for one, am excited to see the results!