Leaving an Epic Summer

The summer of 2011 will forever be a summer to remember. It’s the sommar that brought me back to my friends. The sommer that opened my eyes up to a whole new world. My favorite kesä by far, and the one that gave a thousand times more than any other before.

I couldn’t I wouldn’t ask for more.

The night before I left Finland I got to spend time with my four favorite Finns (well, three Finns and 1 Pol). The veggie crew who all love Korea. Yeah, my friends in this Nordic country aren’t representative of the population as a whole — they’re better!

After beers/ciders/juices/etc. at Nolla, we made our way to a free hip-hop show (WTF, Finnish hip-hop?! And yes, it was good.) and then to M Bar near Kamppi, where the rest of the evening was whiled away.

To Tony, Satu, and Monika who I’ve known for nearly two years now and Jee Hei, who become an amazing friend within one short month… Kiitos paljon!