Mellow, Mellow, Maryland

The past few weeks at work have been pretty serious crunch time, so a quick trip back to visit my parents in Maryland over the Labor Day weekend was a welcome retreat.

For the most part, just like every time before, not much changed in Maryland. The suburbs are still quiet and the summer is still humid. The house looks the same as it always has—not since my bedroom was converted into an office have I seen much sign of change there. And that’s comforting, in a way.

I left on Saturday morning and returned in Wednesday in time to get in a half day at the office. In between, I spent time talking with my parents and visited a couple of friends in Baltimore. Short, sweet, and simple.

Flying US Airways is alright, but Delta is definitely nicer in my book.

36,000 feet.

I got a pickup at the airport. Mom driving, dad passengering.

There was a bird walking across the skylight in the living room just before this was taken. Missed it by seconds.

Mid-Atlantic summers bring with them a ton of rain. No exception on this day.